Important life updates


Life updates

Hello friends, family, clients, future clients. This past season of my life has been a roller coaster. I understand life is full of challenges and obstacles. Some of you may know of a car accident I was involved in that affected my life in a big way. The accident really messed up my body and I was not able to walk for a few months I could not work because of the pain I was in. I was prescribed some drugs to help with swelling and pain. I fell into a cycle of using medications to numb my pain. Through physical therapy, yoga, stretching. I was able to heal from these car accident injuries. I will never be the same but I will continue to press through the obstacles life keeps throwing at me. I will do my best to continue my Scuba diving business, replacing zincs around Puget Sound and cleaning boat bottoms, finding lost items for people. Ive been thinking about doing more scuba diving trash clean up dives around lake stevens, wa. Ive always wanted to have my own dive charter company. Taking divers out around the Puget sound, specifically the San Juan islands.